Mee + Rujinarong

LightScape / 2016

The Concept of "LightScape" is from nature shadow, in a forest which changes follow the time. Every shadow gives a different feeling. Light scape creates an interaction by hand movement. User as the designer can modify light and shadow as they prefer. To feel the light in nature. We simplified the shadow on the metal sheet made by graphic pattern and laser cutting technology. The pattern is a visual aesthetic and changeable. By changing one to other patterns, it is an alternative way to play with the light scape. Using the different design pattern with light makes Light scape alive as in nature.

Design by
Andrea Violante
Meeratchata Rujinarong
Yi Ting Chiang

Prof. Denis Santachiara

NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Part of "Velasca Progetto Design. Idee Sotto Torre."
by Unipol